Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do you Qualify for that extra income online?

Be confident you meet the following criteria prior to thinking of the extra income route. Be sincere to yourself while analysing the following since this can build or break you:

1. Are you an achiever? To be doing well in any endeavor, you have to set your goals. Goals characterize the method and ways of achieving something. They can be set in two ways
A. The amount of extra income you want to earn.
B. The period you intend to use on a certain job to earn the returns.
What, When, Where are three crucial details that you have to outline before embarking on the task.
2. Ask yourself
A. Can you afford the investment? There are some free startup programs also.
B.Evaluate your strengths. What you are good at and enjoy doing?
C. The marketability of the program you want to pick out.
D. The required time it would take you to achieve your desired result from the program you chose
3. Courage: Instead of getting caught in analysis paralysis, get yourself enough courage to begin.
4. Getting the right program is very vital. Match your strengths to what the program requires.
5. Have a competent strategy in place to promote your program. Ask questions if you do not know, but a good plan is a must.
6. Do you have self motivation and perseverance to go on and on. Keep side by side and educated.

Once you truely answer the above without a doubt in your heart, it would not be really tough to succeed, otherwise look for other alternatives than to plunge on these opportunities.

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